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7 Great Reasons to Update Your Florida Will, Right Now

update your Florida willYour Florida Will is kind of a time stamp for your life at the time you make it. It puts your wishes into writing for the court system, as to how you want your assets divided.

A Will that isn't updated to reflect changes that happen after it is made can cause real problems—and still it happens all the time. I've met with children from a first marriage whose parents left everything to their children from a second marriage only because the wording wasn't specific. I’ve had to explain to a widow that her husband had forgotten to change his Will to reflect his second marriage, and his first wife was still the beneficiary. Stop now and make sure your Will is as effective as possible. Here are the seven most common Will “oops” that I see. They are also seven great reasons to call Miller, Crosby & Miller and re-check your Will, today:

  1. You’ve moved. If you've moved to a new state, your current Will needs an update. Different states have different rules when it comes to Wills and trusts.
  2. Your assets changed—up or down. Update your Will to include different homes, artwork, personal worth, jewelry and other additions to your personal property.
  3. You married or divorced. If you've married since you made your Will, or created a trust, you’ll want the document to include your new spouse. If you’ve divorced, you’ll need to make that change, too. Either way, an experienced Wills lawyer at Miller, Crosby & Miller can help make sure your Will is accurate.
  4. You have a new child. If a new child has become part of your family, whether by birth or by adoption, then it’s time to make sure your Will accurately reflects how you want your current estate dispersed after your death—and that every child is named. But understand that in Florida, minors cannot accept gifts in excess of $5,000, and alternate arrangements must be made.
  5. Time has passed. Life changes fast. It’s good to take a new look at your Will every few years, just to make sure you’ve covered the changes in your life.
  6. Your beneficiary died. Unfortunately, sometimes the people you leave your estate to predecease you. Check your Will periodically to make sure the person(s) named to share your estate are still those you want.
  7. You changed your mind. As life moves on, you may change your mind about a myriad of decisions, including who should best raise the children, who your personal representative should be, to whom you should bequeath Aunt Betty’s’s diamond brooch and more.

Change is normal—but update your Will to reflect the changes in your life. Miller, Crosby & Miller can help. Use our Contact Form to ask specific questions or call us at 863-688-7038, today.

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