The courtroom isn't always necessary. We're committed to helping you solve your legal problems, when possible, without the added expense, time, and stress that litigation can add.


mediation in LakelandIn most cases mediation can save you thousands of dollars by settling the case instead of going to trial. For more than 30 years Miller, Crosby, & Miller has provided mediation, negotiation, and arbitration services to our community. Attorneys and their clients throughout Central Florida prefer Miller, Crosby, & Miller attorneys to help mediate, negotiate and settle cases in lieu of the expense and uncertainty of trial. In today's world, many contracts actually contain arbitration clauses, and when yours does, you want the best arbitrator on your side.

Miller, Crosby, & Miller attorneys have mediated many types of cases including personal injury, wrongful death, divorce, condemnation, real estate disputes, guardianship disputes, business disputes, medical malpractice cases and probate disputes. Call Miller, Crosby & Miller for your dispute resolution needs, today.