We're Proud of Our Roots.

When Robert T. (Tommy) Miller, the firm’s founding partner, began practicing law in Lakeland in 1949, he was a sole practitioner.  His commitment to clients developed early  as he opened on Saturdays to offer scheduling flexibility to busy Lakeland business people. Debbie Dean, Mr. Miller’s secretary and our current office manager, is also our unofficial firm historian. She remembers having a client’s wedding—cake and all—in the office.  When Mr. Miller died in 2007 at the age of 89, had practiced law in Polk County for more than 55 years.  Today, we strive to carry on the personal, client-centered practice that Mr. Miller envisioned when he first opened his doors in downtown Lakeland more than sixty years ago.

Over the years, Mr. Miller served as City Attorney and was a partner in the firm of Bentley, Miller, Sinder, Carr, Chiles & Ellsworth. Each of those attorneys continued to accomplish tremendous things in law, military, real estate, and government. Tommy Miller proudly continued serving his clients in and around Polk County, building the practice into the community-centered firm it is today.

And we're still growing today.

In the 1970s and 80s, Mr. Miller practiced under the firm name of Miller & Sweat.  Sam Crosby joined the firm in 1978 and became a partner in the firm of Miller, Sweat & Crosby in 1982.  Rick Miller, Tommy’s youngest son, joined the firm in 1981, and the firm became Miller, Crosby & Miller in 1985.

By late 2012, the wide variety of real estate and business transactions with which Miller, Crosby & Miller dealt, allowed them to work forward with Phil Bush. Phil operates his practice under a separate professional association from MCM, but with the kind of close working relationship that leads to stronger client results for all.